What is Goodfoot and why join?

Goodfoot was originally started to help a company in Africa plant trees. We bought trees that would grow for 20 years. 
After 20 years the trees would be harvested and used to produce products.

A sustainable investment not only in an asset like wood but in the future of this world.

Today Goodfoot has become much more than investing in Trees. We have managed to buy in to other projects that will make it possible for us to help even more people. Kokoon is one of them, the other one is Trillant.

Under Projects you can read more about these companies and become a part of them and our journey together.

No one can do everything but everyone can do something.

You can join Goodfoot in different ways:

1. Crowdfunding – Become a part of our mission by crowdfunding Goodfoot. Give as little or as much as you want – Goodfoot will invest all money into projects that creat the future we all need.

2. Contact us and learn how you can become a owner in one or all of our projects.

3. Contact us and find out how you can become a part of the Goodfoot family.